Tuesday, July 3, 2018

2018: 4TH of July

Cadence had been out watching over her city when a sudden boom had distracted her.
She had turned around in time to see a bust of red white and blue.
"I guess they started celebrating early."
Cadence didn't have to turn around to know that it was her friend Colton.
"The 4TH is tomorrow, so it's not that early."
Cadence responded as they took a seat on the edge of the building.
"Actually the constitution was sighed on the third."
Cadence and Colton turned to see there friend Trish.
"Hey! don't ruin this holiday for me ok?"
Trish put her hands up in defeat as she took a seat next to him.
"I love this holiday."
Colton stated the two woman nodded in agreement as another burst of color exploded in the sky.
The three of them watched the fireworks for a few more minutes before their friend Terrance took a seat next to Cadence.
The four friends stayed silent as they watched the fireworks.
"Tomorrow's fireworks are going to be even better."
Colton said as the last couple fireworks exploded.
"Yes, yes they will be."
Cadence agreed.
They stayed there a few minutes after the last firework had faded.
The four friends then split up knowing that they were safe in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Spencer Gaurdian's

First In Command
Full Name: Spencer, H, Salvator
Come From: Nevada, SaintyFalls
Personality: Hardworking, Serious, Kind,
Description: Long brown hair, Brown-Gold eyes,
Back Ground: Spencer grew up in SaintyFalls with her two younger sisters parents and grandmother. Her grandmother was believed to be crazy because, like Spencer, she could see the monsters in and from different universes. Because of this Spencer's parents believed it was best to take Spencer and her sisters away from the small desert town, and movie to main.
Spencer grew up and started to become a lawyer when she received the news of her grandmother's death. Spencer returned to SaintyFalls and took on the boarding houses that her grandmother left her.
Meaning Of Name: Keeper of provisions. Spencer was named after her grandfather
Powers: Sees into different universe and realms, Can open and close rifts.

Secant In Command
Full Name: Sally, E, Thornton
Come From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Personality: Quiet, Kind, Smart
Description: Black hair medium, Green eyes,
Back Ground: Sally grew up in the busy city of Las Vegas. On a field trip to an art museum she meat her future best friend and employer Spencer. But shortly after Spencer moved away, so Sally turned her attention to becoming a Business Finance. She had a pretty good adult life until the business she was working for went out of business, she moved back to Nevada from D.C city, in time for Spencer to hire her, to help her run the boarding houses.
Meaning Of Name: Princess, Named after her aunt,
Powers: Energy Conversion/Control

Third In Command
Full Name: Fred, W, Hollins
Come From: SaintyFalls, Nevada
Personality: Kind, Peacekeeper, Brave
Description: Sandy Blond short hair, Hazel eyes
Back Ground: Fred grew up in the dead town of SaintyFalls. Fred spent most of his life becoming an Architect, So when Spencer moved back and found most of the boarding houses in ruins, she hired him to help rebuild them. But the boarding houses tend to get destroyed easily, so Fred sticks around to help rebuild them, even though he takes jobs for other people here and there.
Meaning Of Name: Old Peace, Named after his Great Grandfather
Powers: High-powered energy waves, EMP waves, Flying

Full Name: Cassie(Cassandra), C, Vail
Come From: Los Angeles, Californa
Personality: Kind, Headstrong, Brave
Description: Long curly blonde hair, Blue eyes
Back Ground: Cassie always wanted to travel the world. Wich, she did but soon saw most of the world and grew bored with it. So when she was traveling to Las Vegas, and her car broke down in the small strange town of SaintyFalls. She stayed in the strange town because of the way it seemed to change day to day. Unlike most of the other guardians Cassie doesn't work for Spencer, she just lives in the boarding houses.
Meaning Of Name: Prophetess Prophetess, Her mother
Powers: Cassie absorb the damage from physical attacks and redirect it toward an attacker

Full Name: Tom(Thomass), J, Gilmore
Come From: Newcastle, England
Personality: Smart, Hyper, Funny,
Description: Blond short hair, Brown eyes,
Back Ground: Tom and Tim grew up in England, they spent most of their time studying or playing.
They were super geniuses and grew bored of other people. As soon as they turned 18 they decided to leave and try to find something interesting. They found entertainment in the idea of other universes and worlds, which lead them to SaintyFalls and Teller, Spencer had already left for Main.
Meaning Of Name: Hard working. Named after cousin
Powers: Super Smart, Control metal, Telepath

Full Name: Tim(Timothy), J, Gilmore
Come From: Newcastle, England
Personality: Smart, Funny, Cunning
Description: Blond Long Curly hair, Brown-Green eyes
Back Ground: Once tom and Tim arrived in town, they quickly discovered that the town was filled with rips to other worlds and universe. They stayed in town and started to research the rifts, but soon had to stop because of the monsters that came through the rifts. So instead they turned to Computer Engineer, and Tom an Archaeologists. But when Spencer came back and started to stop the monsters and rifts, Tom and Tim helped out by giving the sciences side to the rifts and how to close them.
Meaning Of Name: God fearing. Named after cousin
Powers: Can get the history of any item/people he touches, Super smart

Full Name: Teller, H, Cain
Come From: New York, New York
Personality: Quite, Smart, Observant
Description: Brown long hair, Grey eyes,
Back Ground: Teller was born ill, and the air of New York City wasn't helping. So when his parents were told of the 'magic' air of SaintyFalls, they moved him to the small town. But it was too late Teller was already bound to a wheelchair. Teller and his family lived in the boarding house, where he meat Spencer they were the same age, they become friends and he was sad to see her go. He got better over time but was still crippled when Spencer returned. He still lives in the boarding house and runs his blog when he's not helping out where he can.
Meaning Of Name: A teller of stories. Named after his great uncle
Powers: Can also see the monsters, Universe and Realm, even though he can't open and close the rifts like Spencer

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

The Calendar

The calendar hung on the front of the white fridge at first glance it seemed normal and no one questioned it.
That is till they stopped and read it.
Every Thursday was marked as challenge night.
FAMILY VIST! all in caps for the 14th.
Bird watching Saturday.
Hide and seek Friday the 20th to 25th.
Cooking for the fairy's 8th.
Baseball with the dragons 18th.
Moonwalk the 7th and the 9th.
Quiet day the 10th.
Water park on the Mars the 30th.
And lastly, prank war end the 1st.
so that was the calendar that hung on the door of the white fridge.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

Jean groaned as her alarm clock started to sing 'Barbie Girl' by the Aqua.
This was not the way she wanted to wake up today.
After all, today was Sunday, Easter Sunday to be exact.
And if that wasn't the makings of a busy day, it was April the first, April fools day.
Jean sighed again as she looked around for her alarm clock.
She knew Meg had rigged the clock, but what she didn't know was where Meg had hidden the clock, so the song could play for its entire length.
Jean found the clock duct taped to the ceiling.
She also found the googly eyes that were glued to everything posable.
Jean didn't bother to change out of her PJ instead she grabbed her red hoodie before heading downstairs.
By the time Jean arrived downstairs,
Roza had put cool aid in Spencer's shower head, dye Spencer's hair red,
Well, Lana put glitter on top of Dianna's fan blades, Dianna still had glitter in her hair and on her clothes,
Well, Whistler had left cups full of water upside down somehow, all around the house,
Spencer got revenge on ever one by pulling every food prank ever,
Mayonnaise in donuts, Mentos in ice soda, Play-doh gum, and mustered on cupcakes.
Jenny had done the candy pranks,
M&Ms with skittles, Hot sauce in chocolate bunnies and Reese's cups, and Onions dipped in caramel.
Helen and Gena teamed up and pulled two simple pranks,
Air horns behind every door, and Saran wrap over the top and/or bottoms of the doorways.
Janet had even joined in only to get revenge on Jenny, by placing a black cardboard cut out of a person in the hallway,
everyone had been awoken by Jenny screaming at the top of her lungs at 5 in the morning.
Kat's pranks were more funny than anything else,
Bubble wrap under the rugs, Tap over the mouse and TV remote sensors, and worst of all hair claws that looked like spiders if placed right.
Dianna only pranked Lana, first with pictures of creepy clowns tapped to the inside of every draw and cupboards in Lana's room, and secondly, Jello poured into staws then pushed out, look a lot like worms.
Viktorious had tapped the most of the dishes and silverware to the ceiling.
Elsa had gone all out on pranks,
removing some of the door knobs in the resort,
stacking glasses full of water in front of doors so the only way in was to drink all the water,
put mirrors on steps all around the resort,
and lastly set free five spiders to Rome the resort as they pleased.
Silver and Ashley didn't understand the holidays, so they just celebrated Easter and ignored the pranks the best they can.
Jean secretly wished she had done what Candice's had done, and stay home, but no she just had to stay to see how this mash-up of holidays was going to turn out.
The pranks died down for breakfast but started right back up after.
Jean made her escape upstairs, where she started to get ready for church.
Once done Jean once again headed downstairs, and once again she was meet with panic from pranks, and something on fire in the kitchen.
Jean ignored all this and just focused on the coffee, double checking to make sure no one had messed with the coffee.
Nobody had, so Jean made her quick escape with her coffee, and headed to her car.
Usually, they would carpool to make sure everyone had a way to church, but today is not a normal day, so Jean had decided to go alone today.
If only Candice and Silver hadn't messed with the cars, they had left a note to claim their work.
Most of the cars had post-it notes covering them, some had harmonicas taped to the front, well Jean's car was full of packing peanuts.
After getting rid of the packing peanuts, and coming up with ways to get revenge, Jean was on her way.
Jean knew church would be the only safe place, for two simple reasons, 1. The R.C.G would never disturb church no matter what 2. April would be far from happy if anyone even thought about pranking anyone in her building.
Jean was correct the other R.C.Gs behaved well at church but to her disappointment, Jena was dragged into town were several more pranks followed.
So she was happy to finally get home, even if it was 10 at night.
That happiness quickly faded after she opened the door to see glowing eyes looking at her all around the house.
Well, she tried to breathe normally again, Ashley showed off her work, glow in the dark stick in empty paper towel tubs, she then cut howls into the side like eyes and placed them all around the house.
After angerly storming off, Jean made her way upstairs to her room.
All she wanted was to sleep the rest of this day away.
But because she had a cruel twin brother, her bed was missing.
After doing a quick search of her room and the surrounding ones, and coming up with nothing, she returned to her room.
Were she threw away Micheals note that simply said 'Aprile Fools :)'.
Then she just laid down and fell asleep, well plot her revenge.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Head Cannons 1!

Left or Right or Maybe both

Whistler, Elsa, Roza, Spencer, and Ashley are all left-handed.

Helen, Lana, Kat, Candice, Silver, and Viktorious are right handed.

Well, Jenny, Jean, Dianna, Gena, Meg, and Janet are all Ambidexterity.

Stay out of my kitchen!

Jean, Jenny, Helen, Kat, Gena, and Janet are all welcome to use the kitchen at the resort.

Well, Roza, Whistler, Elsa, Ashley, Viktorious, and Lana are banned from entering.

And Dianna, Meg, Candice, and Silver stay out by their own choice.

Whether it's Cold or it's Hot

Whistler, Jean, Kat, and Spencer, al love the hot weather.

Well, Helen, Elsa, Dianna, Gena, Candice, Silver, and Viktorious prefer the cold weather.

And Jenny, Lana, Roza, Meg, Janet, and Ashley don't care either way.

Cereal for all!

Jenny Coco Puffs. Whistler Chips Ahoy.

Jean Golden Grams. Helen Raisen brand.

Elsa Lucky charms. Dianna Corn Flakes.

Lana Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Kat Fruity Pebbles.

Roza Rice Krispies. Spencer Speciale K.

Gena Corn Pops. Meg Froot Loops.

Janet Apple Jacks. Ashley Krave.

Candice Honey Bunches Of Oats. Silver Cocoa Krispies.

And Viktorious Reese's Puffs.

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Roza and Viktorious aren't allowed to have coffee or energy drinks, for the sanity of the other people in the resort.

Thunder and Lighten very very frightening

Janet is scared of thunderstorms, she's never told anyone why.


The Red Cloak Girls allowed in the kitchen, help out with clean up and sometimes even offer to make a meal. Spencer usually turns them down on this offer.

Welcome to the Cafe.

Aprile dislikes the R.C.Gs and their guardians because they cause trouble in her cafe and usually breaks something. That being said Aprile looks forwards to Helen stopping by she doesn't cause trouble and is the only person willing to talk to April about Shakespeare.


There has been a contest at the resort for a while, were the R.C.G try to learn more languages than any of the others. Meg is winning at 24, Jean insists Meg is cheating but no one agrees. Candice is loosing only knowing one language, English.

Our home away from home

Against their better judgment, Alex and Barbra Johnson allows any and all time travels stay at their house if they need a place to stay for a few nights. Surprising Spencer takes them up on this offer more than anyone else.

Meep Meep!

Roza once spent a whole day watching old cartoons. The next day she would zip around the house yelling Meep! Meep!. After that Roza was banned from watching Wile E Coyote without being supervised.

My Little Pony!

At some point, every Red Cloak Girl has admitted to watching My Litlle Pony. They have yet to have a movie night just watching it tho.

Movie Night!

Every Thursday the R.C.G have a movie night. They use to actually watch movies, but now they usually watch medical dramas. Jean and Spencer still dislikes the medical part of the shows, but stay and watches for the characters.

I am the Winner

Meg has beaten every high score on all the video games at the resort. Gena and Spencer are really annoyed with this fact but can't beat Meg.

She is beauty, She is grace.

Janet is really good at hair and makeup she hardly ever uses this talent but when she does its usually because she is attended a party.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Short Story 6: Fridge Notes

Let it be known that Whistler started the madness. She was the first one to hang a sticky note to the fridge.

Who ever is stealing MY cake please stop-Whistler

I will never stop till all the cake is mine!-the cake thief

I will find you and I will stop you, mark my word-Whistler

I know who the thief is-Gena

No you don't-Cake thief

Yes I do, and it was obviously-Gena

Can you take this some where else your messing up my kitchen-Spencer

Not an till the cake thief pays for their crimes!-Whistler

I will never be caught-thief

wait why did your name change?-Whistler

She stole my Gatorade!-Gena

I am unstoppable no one can stop me HA HA-Thief

Your not unstoppable I still know who you are-Gena

Huh didn't think about that-Thief

Of course you didn't Jean-Gena

Ha I'm not Jean I guess you don't know who I am-Thief

Why would I steal your cake and Gatorade?-Slightly offended Jean

I don't know why you half things you do-Gena

Guys! please take this some where else-Spencer

Sorry Spencer not until we figure out who the thief is-Whistler

Stopping me is impassable, Cause I'm unstoppable-Thief

Did you just use song lyrics?-Annoyed Spencer

Maybe, but you can't prove it-Thief

Okay who took my ice cream! I was looking forwards to that all day-Angered Meg

*Evil laughter* I strike agian-Thief

Can some one tell me who thief is-Meg

They've ben trying to figure that out for the last three days-Jean

Are you Roza?-Gena


So you guys have no idea who is taking the food?-Meg

Yup, but we will find them-Whistler

keep telling yourself that-Thief

Have you tried watching the fridge?-Meg

No and their not going to-Really annoyed Spencer

What are you guys doing?-Lana

Nothing, just trying to figure out who the food thief is-Whistler

new name, I love it-Food Thief

Oh you mean the person who took Janet's pasta-Lana

Wait, WHAT! who ever took my pasta had better return it right now-Janet

I don't think I will sorry-Food Thief

That is it your going down food thief-Janet

How you going to do that? you don't know who I am-Food thief

I do-Lana

What? no you don't-Food thief

Yes I do, I saw you take Janets pasta-Lana

Who is it?-Whistler

Tell me, so I can crush them-Janet

Don't tell them!-Food thief

Are you panicing?-Gena

No-Calm food thief

It's Jenny-Lana

Fine, you know who I am but you can't stop me-Food Thief=Jenny

Mother! how could you betray me-Hurt Whistler

You should have said Dramatic Whistler-Jean

You don't know how it feels Jean!-Whistler

She does now-Just took Jean's root beer

What! no you give that back-I will hunt you down

Hey get in line, Your not the first person shr stole from-Janet

Nor you Janet-Gena

I hate to dissapiont all of you but Jenny left the house about a hour ago-Spencer

She can't escape that easy, To the outside world!-Avenging Jean

Go with her and STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN!-Done with all of you Spencer


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Red Cloak Girl-Question Time:9


Music instrument

Nervus habits

Favorite drink

Favorite meal

messes with her wedding ring
Hot Chocolate
Mac And Cheese

Taps her fingers
Orange Jucie
Hot Dogs

Most Of Them
Root Beer

Uncross and cross her legs

Flips her knife
Bud Light
Ham Sandwichs

Alien Music Instrument
clenches Fists
ALien drink
Devil Eggs

Messes with her hair
Fruit Punch
Porch Roast

Tugs on her Ears
Tuna Sandwich

Grape Juice

Bites her Nails
Red Bull

Clenching her teeth

Video game/Computer programming
Bites her lip
Cool Aid

Cracks her Knuckles

Ice Skating
Blue Sprite
Fruit Loops

lap guitar
Asks Questions
Subway Sandwich

Leaves The room
Ginger Ale
Bannan Bread

Can't sit still
Mtn Dew